Cancer progresses through a combination of biological and mechanical factors. In our work we aim to relate biological to the mechanical factors by applying soft matter physics, fluid mechanics, and biophysics. In the process we hope to use this knowledge to inform the treatment of patients. We work closely with clinicians to make sure that our research is of surgical relevance. In particular we aim to 

  • Target the extracellular matrix to treat cancer
  • Elucidate the role of the matrix in cancer cell invasion and metastasis
  • Understand the role of matrix components in chemotherapy resistance
  • Understand the differences in cancer resistance mechanisms across the species
  • Develop strategies to prevent local recurrence in both hard tissue and soft tissue sarcomas

I am very much a hands on scientist and spend much of my time in the lab. Our expertise is in applying physics and engineering to biological systems. If you would like to join the group as either a PhD student or postdoc please send me an email.

Daniel Frankel