Dr Bharat Bhushan

Position - Postdoctoral research associate

Project title - Determining and exploiting the anti-cancer properties of naked mole-rat hyaluronan

Project description:

Bharat’s project involves trying to understand why the naked mole rat rarely develops cancer and how this can be exploited in the treatment of humans. This involves isolating extracellular matrix from tissue and determining how cancerous cells behave in this environment. This project is in collaboration with Mr Kenneth Rankin and Dr Ewan St John Smith.



Matthew Davies

Position - PhD student

Project title - The role of naked mole rat cell membranes in resistance against ageing and neurodegenerative disease.

Project description:

Matt’s project hypothesises that it is the naked mole rat cell membrane that is key to it’s resistance to ageing and the development of neurodegenerative diseases. Matt works with both experiment and molecular dynamics simulations. Collaborators on this project are Dr Ewan St John Smith and Chris Lorenz.